Fred T. Jane's All the world Fightings Ships. Cosmopolitan Naval Annual. PDF

By Fred T. Jane

Третий год издания знаменитого справочника по военно-морским флотам. Качество сканирования несколько подкачало, но прочесть и рассмотреть можно почти всё.

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28 According to the naval base war diary, one submarine radar was identified as being ‘not Warsaw Pact’: in other words, a Western submarine. According to the 1995 Submarine Commission Report, the observation of possible West German submarine radar may have originated from Swedish territorial waters. ’30 Commander Björn Eklind, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff Intelligence, told me that a radar was identified as a West German ‘submarine radar’, but it may have been confused with a civilian Furuno radar.

MAna Hårsfj. LGP HWD. CÖrlBO WD. ÖB TD (30 September 1982). MAna Hårsfj. CÖrlBO WD. MAna Hårsfj, Attach. 9. Ibid. Ibid. CÖrlBO WD. CM/Grandin (1982); SOU (1995), p. 143. SOU (1995), p. 238. MAna Hårsfj. Hoff (2000). Ibid. SOU (1983), p. 34. Larsson (1987). SOU (2001), pp. 110–11. LGP HWD. Kierkegaard, Hoff and Blomquist (1990), p. 8. 00. 1 At lunchtime, two conscript soldiers in a transport boat made a visual sighting of a submarine periscope. The surface was calm. According to Commander Rolf Blomquist, Chief of Section 1 (Operations) at Naval Base East, these soldiers were travelling in a small boat in northern Hårsfjärden when suddenly they had a clear view of a periscope at a distance of a few metres.

12. Leitenberg (1987), pp. 155–7. Lampers (1996); Bodström (2000). Tunander (1999), pp. 169–203. Palme Commission (1982). Schlesinger (1982), pp. 11–18. Taylor (1982b), pp. 411, 415. Aktuellt, Swedish TV1 (5 March 1984). ÖB TD (4 January 1983). Kadhammar (1987), p. 106. Svenska Dagbladet (11 October 1982). Aktuellt, Swedish TV1, 12 January 1986. Sköld (1999), p. 165. McCormick (1990), p. vi. Anderson and van Atta, Washington Post (6 May 1990). Taylor and Maaranen (1982), p. 475. Thunborg, in Aland and Zachrisson (1996), pp.

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