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The American Anthropological Association’s code of ethics expressly prohibits covert research, and Institutional Review Board procedures and the code of ethics of the American Sociological Association severely limit covert studies. Overt researchers (by far the majority of fieldworkers today) must create or assume fieldwork roles that maximize access to data. In some cases, a role will exist in the field that can be appropriated for this purpose—such as an educational researcher taking on the role of teacher’s aide.

Fieldwork Roles and Informational Yield: A Comparison of Alternative Settings and Roles. Urban Life 14, 377À408. Warren, C. A. , and Hackney, J. K. (2000). Gender Issues in Ethnography,. 2nd Ed. Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA. Wax, R. H. (1971). Doing Fieldwork: Warnings and Advice. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL. Field Studies Leon Anderson Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA Steven Rubenstein Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA Glossary analytic induction Theory building in field studies through the collection of new cases that require the revision of extant theoretical understandings of the phenomenon.

Unlike more narrowly circumscribed methods and techniques, field studies employ a wide range of information-gathering strategies and analytic approaches. , interviews, participant observation, unobtrusive measures) to provide various types of data and angles of vision from which to develop holistic analyses of their topics of investigation. Historical Roots of Field Studies Different research traditions and theoretical orientations tend to favor different methods. Interpretive traditions of social science inquiry emphasize cultural and contextual understanding of social action, and thus share more of an affinity with field research than is typically the case for more macrostructural and positivistic traditions of inquiry.

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