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By David R. Mets

In gentle of the age-old trust of Confucius that no inspiration is new, Dr. Mets examines the function of Colonel Warden within the Gulf struggle to figure out if a revolution in army affairs had happened. He depends on numerous twentieth-century antecedents to Warden, together with Giulio Douhet, Hugh Trenchard, and Billy Mitchell to distill a trend. Mets additionally addresses no matter if ''the argument that antedated the Gulf conflict to the impression that such conflicts among states utilizing traditional guns and strategies are a urgent phenomenon.'' bankruptcy 6, the concluding bankruptcy, offers an outline of Mets's dialogue.

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21 Doubtless there was an increasing emphasis on bomber organization and technological development, but the work with pursuit and attack aircraft never disappeared altogether 38 WILLIAM MITCHELL either on the line or in the curriculum of the Air Corps Tactical School. 22 The “Mitchellites” of the Air Corps Tactical School (and much of the rest of the air arm of the 1930s) were persuaded that technology had arrived to validate Mitchell’s theories. The high-altitude, four-engine bomber (predating radar) would be so difficult for a slow-climbing fighter to intercept before the latter had to turn back for want of gas, that it seemed ever more possible that the bomber would always get through.

In this memorandum, Patrick asserted explicitly that the ultimate goal should be a separate air force with all of the country’s airpower assigned and suggested that perhaps even all aircraft development should be a part of the responsibility. 27 There appears to be little in that proposal to which Mitchell might have objected, except perhaps the moderation implied in taking the interim step of creating an aviation corps rather than proceeding straight to the ultimate goal. 29 The aviators in the Navy were not much inclined to take a radical route in any event, but they had a convenient external enemy who could be used to persuade their conservative seniors and colleagues that if they did not agree to move out smartly in aviation and carriers, then Mitchell would take their airpower away from them.

First, by 1921 he was asserting that the RAF should be seen now as the primary instrument of defense for the British Isles and declaring that such a role would best be accomplished through an air offensive. Second, he wanted to reduce the functions of the two older services in such matters as colonial control (as noted), and coastal defense of the home islands. Third, he sought to reduce the many overseas bases and to turn their functions increasingly over to the RAF. The air arm, Trenchard insisted, could accomplish these functions more economically and effectively than the army and navy.

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