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Advances in Parasitology, Vol. 17 - download pdf or read online

By W.H.R. Lumsden, R. Muller, J.R. Baker (Eds.)

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Prior to now decade, monolithic fabrics within the form of discs, stacked layers, rolled sheets, sponges, abnormal chunks, tubes, and cylinders have all been effectively proven. those codecs have been ready from a large choice of fabrics together with traditional polymers equivalent to cellulose, man made polymers that concerned porous styrene-, methacrylate-, and acrylamide-based polymers, and inorganic fabrics, ordinarily silica.

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1963); Yardley et a / . (1964); Antia et a / . (1966); Morecki and Parker (1967); Hoskins e t a / . (1967); Cain et a / . (1968); Alp and Hislop (1969); Moore et al. (1969); Barbieri e t a / . (1970); Tewari and Tandon (1974) and Wright et a/. (1977) Although malabsorption in the above instances is often tested for by utilizing D-xylose or fat, a reduced ability to absorb certain vitamins has also been demonstrated. Vitamin A malabsorption has been reported by Ember and Mindszenty (1969), Katsampes et al.

Giardia trophozoites have been found more commonly in individuals suffering from diarrhoea than in those without intestinal disease (Ormiston e t a / . , 1942; Shrivastav, 1960; Antia e t a / . , 1969; Veazie, 1969). Diarrhoea occurs more frequently in parasitized than in non-parasitized individuals (Wanner et a / . , 1960). , 1942; Brown, E. , 1948; Antia et a / . , 1966; Alp and Hislop, 1969). Rendtorff (1954) demonstrated that feeding Giardia cysts caused diarrhoea. Malabsorption due to Giardia infection has been reported by a number of workers.

And Koziuk, P. M. (1974). Study of the effect of Lamblia duodenalis on the enzymatic hydrolysis of starch in vitro. Meditsinskaia Parazitologiia i Parazitarnye Bolezni 43, 456-458. Akimova, R. , Benediktov, I. I. and Solov’ev, M. M. (1978). Enzymatic hydrolysis of fat in the presence of Lamblia duodenalis in vitro. Parazitologiia 12, 9-14. Alexeieff, A. (1914). Notes protistologiques. Zoologischer Anzeiger 44, 193-213. 30 E . A. M E Y E R A N D S. R A D U L E S C U Alkiewicz, J. , Jezowa, L. and Janiakowa, E.

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