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By R. Ashenhurst

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Yahweh as King on Zion 37 a. 83 Consequently, it has been denied that these epithets entail the conception of Yahweh as king prior to the conquest of Jerusalem. However, it must be noted that the epithet D'sron sty is attached to the Ark only in the narratives associated with Shiloh and that it is never used in connection with the Ark in the Solomonic temple. 2 indicate that 'Yahweh of hosts' and 'seated upon the cherubim' were joined specifically in connection with the Ark at Shiloh. 87 There is no ground for supposing that the Jerusalem cult retrojected onto Shiloh an epithet of Yahweh associated with the Ark that was not used in the Jerusalem cult itself.

3, where he is identified as the :n "j^o. 140 Hence, the pre-eminence of Yahweh as sovereign over all gods is linked to the pre-eminence of Zion as the site of his dwelling. Zaphon is no longer the residence of Baal, but is now equated with Zion, the residence of Yahweh. 141 To return to Ps 47, the structure indicates quite clearly the liturgical character of this hymn. It is divided into two parts, vv. 2-6 and vv. 7-10. ip2... ip2). , addressed to the gods) to 'our king', and is concluded, except for v.

Next, we will deal with the problem of David's election, since Zion and David are often seen as complementary reflexes of the same tradition. Finally, we will discuss die theme of Zion as a symbol of security and refuge. While the subject of Yahweh as creator and defender is raised explicitly in the first section of this chapter, it will be seen to be an integral part of the third section as well. 1 The themes addressed in this chapter are obviously relevant to the theology of Isaiah, a prophetic exemplar of the Jerusalem cult tradition and its Zion symbolism.

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