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By Judith A. Hudson

Symptoms for radiography... thoughts for larger radiographs... basic anatomy... irregular opacities... roentgen indicators of stomach masses... lay-flat binding for functional use within the hospital.

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In the ventrodorsal view, the cardiac silhouette blends with the diaphragm/liver. Roentgen Signs on Contrast Study ✓ In an upper GI, oral barium can be given to identify the stomach and small intestine. ♥ In celiography, iodine contrast will flow cranially from the peritoneal cavity into the pericardial sac. Inguinal or Ventral Hernias ✓ Muscle tearing that is often associated with trauma leads to hernias through the abdominal wall or inguinal ring. Roentgen Signs on Survey Films ♥ A loss of integrity can occur in the abdominal wall (Figures 3-13 and 3-14).

Notice the normal fat (F) in the retroperitoneal space separating the caudal pole of the left kidney (LK) and the enlarged sublumbar lymph nodes (SLLN). UB:urinary bladder; PM:prostate mass. com 61 Contrast Media ✓ Contrast media is needed because of poor natural subject contrast in the abdomen. ✓ Materials are given to visualize organs or organ systems. ✓ Contrast media is commonly used to evaluate alimentary and urinary systems. , ionic iodine, non-ionic iodine, barium sulfate ✓ Double contrast procedures Use both positive and negative contrast media Barium ✓ Barium is less expensive than iodine.

A. Lateral view. B. Ventrodorsal view. Focal Hepatomegaly A) Right lateral and right medial ✓ Focal hepatomegaly affects structures on the right side such as the pyloric antrum, pylorus, proximal descending duodenum, ascending colon, and the adjacent small intestine (Figure 4-4). ✓ Right-sided structures are pushed caudally, dorsally, and medially. ✓ Some hepatic masses are pedunculated, and a portion can become located caudal to the stomach by pushing the gastric body cranially and dorsally. B) Left lateral and left medial ✓ Affects structures on the left side such as the splenic head, adjacent small intestine, and gastric fundus.

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