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5) EHstinguishes between the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system on basic morphological, func­ tional and pharmacological grounds. 6) Deduces possible consequences of stellate ganglionectomy. 5). 7) ) In dis­ cussion with colleagues deduces possible consequences of stellate ganglionectomy and parasympathetic denervation in the territory of cranial nerve III. 3) Participates in group discussion of the above. (20 min) Media Prosections of head and neck, brain specimens and models showing arteries, Uving subjects, skin pencils.

6) Devises manoeuvres to test the integrity of the spinal accessory nerve. Deduces the approximate surface projection of this nerve in the neck and indicates this in a colleague. 4). (10 min) Media Disarticulated cervical vertebrae, prosections of head and neck, anterior and lateral x-rays of cervical spine, open mouth projections of atlantoaxial-occipital joints, living subjects, skin pencils. General Objective 3 Comprehends the location and distribution of principal blood vessels of the head and neck, and the positions and drainage areas of lymph nodes.

4) Deduces a method for distinguishing the range of pronation and supination from the total rotatory range of the upper limb. 5) Palpates and identifies the ulnar head and/or styloid process on the dorsum of the wrist in pronation and supination. Explains the apparent change in their positions. 6) Pronates and supinates around axes passing successively through the tip of each finger pressed against a point on a vertical surface. Explains how this is possible. 7) Participates in group discussion based on the foregoing exer­ cises.

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