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By William Oliver Stevens; Allan F Westcott

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This name describes intimately the discussions in regards to the naval procedure and the shipbuilding courses within the Soviet political and army management from 1922 to the dying of Stalin in 1953.

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S. defense planners. Among those under consideration are antiship ballistic missiles or cruise missiles that have not been previously evaluated. These and other weapons could require Navy ships to support more capable radar and other surveillance technologies as well as to operate further outside the range of new weapons. In addition, certain future weapons threats may encourage the Navy to develop new technologies to reduce ship signatures. Another type of threat could involve new tactics, an example of which could be cyberwarfare.

Research opportunities are discussed in the second section, which identifies promising technologies and trends in innovation within the traditional disciplines related to naval engineering as well as other fields of scientific investigation that offer insights and discovery potential. The research opportunities identified are intended as illustrations. The list of opportunities is not systematic or comprehensive and reflects the areas of expertise of the committee and workshop participants. It does not cover all the technical areas within the NNR-NE.

A reduction in the cost of the shipbuilding process has been addressed repeatedly by the Naval Sea Systems Command and shipyards. However, the cost of the combat systems and electronics payload does not appear to have been addressed to the same degree. It was first recognized about 25 years ago that the cost of the combat systems was beginning to exceed the cost of the rest of the ship. An intensified program of research will be necessary to develop the 28 Special Report 306: Naval Engineering in the 21st Century body of knowledge addressing ways to decrease the cost of such combat system elements as radars, missiles, and launchers.

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