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Several companies in England and France initiated passenger services across the English Channel between London, Paris, Brussels and AmsterA German line, Deutsche dam. Luftreederei, began service within Germany. A French company established a run between Toulouse and Casablanca, Morocco, across the Mediterranean. Air transport did not develop as rapidly in the United States as in Europe. Aero Ltd. offered flights between New York and Atlantic City in August 1919, using surplus HS-2 flying boats.

After making contact with the ship by radio, Wellman brought the airship down close to the water and abandoned it for the safety of the lifeboat and the merchant ship. In five days, America had covered only about 1,200 miles; Wellman concluded that a much larger dirigible would be needed for a successful transAtlantic flight. A big step toward airship conquest of the Atlantic came in 1917 when the German Zeppelin LZ104 (L59) made the first intercontinental flight. The Germans sent LZ104 from their airship base at Jamboli, Bulgaria, to Khartoum in the Sudan to carry relief supplies to German forces trapped in that city.

Travelers could choose a once-a-day two-hour boat ride, a long railroad trip or a difficult automobile ride over dusty roads. The flight with Tony Jannus, in contrast, took 20-23 minutes. To aid the establishment of this new enterprise, the city fathers also provided a subsidy guarantee of $50 per day in January and $25 per day in February and March. In January the airline was able to repay $360 of the subsidy, and it paid its own way in February and March. When the contract with St. Petersburg ran out on March 31, the owners of the airline decided to terminate operations due to the drop in the local tourist business.

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