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When it has learned to do this, it has also learned to be truly creative and may be said to be God. Figure 4 is a diagram which represents the chain of the three main transformer complexes and thus the three main sources of identification which are available to the individual when he is in touch with a physical body. It is misleading, however, to imagine these bodies related in this drawn out fashion since they are amalgamated in a far more subtle and interpenetrating way, but for the sake of clarity, their relative structures must be indicated in some distinct way.

It used to be considered that the atom was an indivisible unit of substance which was built up into more complex structures to create the mineral and vegetable worlds. It is now realised that this atom is itself a complex conformation of energies whose paths constitute its ‘size’, but whose interior is largely space through which various energies inter-relate. Today substance is not a solid but a temporary structure of energy which gives the impression of solidity because it communicates to us something of its nature.

However, this is not the end of the process as has already been indicated, and we must later move through an experience of greater certainty about the Soul level of consciousenss and from that much more evolved state begin to sense the Absolute identity which is the final and complete experience as far as the evolutionary track is concerned. It must not be assumed too easily that each evolving unit of matter-consciousness is capable of that ignition experience which causes it to develop towards selfconsciousness as we know it.

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