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By William W. Cohen

This booklet is designed particularly as a consultant for desktop Scientists desiring an advent to phone Biology. The textual content explores 3 assorted points of biology: organic platforms, experimental tools, and language and nomenclature. the writer discusses what biologists are attempting to figure out from their experiments, how quite a few experimental tactics are used and the way they relate to accredited strategies in desktop technology, and the vocabulary essential to learn and comprehend present literature in biology. The ebook is a useful reference instrument and a very good start line for a extra finished exam of cellphone biology.

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Work on using electron microscopes in close-to-normal conditions is an active area of research, however. William W. Cohen E 43 F Electron microscope images. (A) human HeLa cells (B) the inset in (A), further magnified. (C) hamster CHO cells, with some mitochondria shown in the inset. (D) actin filiments. (E) part of the intestinal cell of a 4-day old rat. (F) the vesicle indicated with an arrow in (E). Scale bars are 1 micrometer in E, 100 nm in F. Figure 25. Electron microscope images. Manipulation of the Very Small Taking small things apart A well-worn cliché is that cells are machines, the components of which are molecules.

In programming, the single biggest gain in productivity comes from software re-use, and, like a good software package, gene chips allow a sort of re-use. By this, I do not mean that an individual chip can be re-used—it can’t. However, gene chips can be manufactured repeatedly at moderate cost, and hence the effort of designing and 54 A Computer Scientist’s Guide to Cell Biology engineering them—the vast bulk of the total cost—can be amortized (“reused,” if you like) over many related experiments.

The number of hydrolyzed cGMP molecules grows rapidly—at a quadratic rate—because it is product of two stages of “linear amplification”. More stages of amplification would produce even steeper response curves. Figure 19. Amplification rates of two biological processes. William W. Cohen 33 In Figure 19, the pathway contains two “amplification” steps: both R* and PDE* affect more than one molecule each. Notice that the number of active transducin and PDE molecules grows linearly over time; however, since each PDE* hydrolyzes a linear number of cGMP molecules per unit time, the number of cGMP hydrolyzed grows quadratically over time.

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