3D Automated Breast Volume Sonography: A Practical Guide by Veronika Gazhonova PDF

By Veronika Gazhonova

This booklet introduces an exhilarating new strategy for breast ultrasound diagnostics – automatic whole-breast quantity scanning (3D ABVS). Scanning procedure is defined intimately, with tips on scanning positions and protocols. Imaging findings are then illustrated and mentioned for regular breast editions, the various sorts of breast melanoma, fibroadenomas, cystic ailment, benign and malignant male breast problems, mastitis, breast implants, and postoperative breast scars. with the intention to reduction appreciation of some great benefits of 3D ABVS, comparisons with findings on X-ray mammography and standard second handheld US are provided. Readers could be specifically inspired via the convincing demonstration of some great benefits of the hot procedure for analysis of breast melanoma in girls with dense glandular tissue. In allowing readers to profit how one can practice and interpret 3D ABVS, this e-book should be of serious worth for all who're embarking on its use. it is going to additionally function a welcome reference for radiologists, oncologists, and ultrasonographers who have already got a few familiarity with the technique.

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Thickened hypoechoic periglandular stroma (2). The anechoic structure inside the stroma corresponds to the slightly dilated ducts (1) in the secretory phase of the menstrual cycle. Comparison of data of the same patient in conventional 2D HHUS and ABVS images. (a) HHUS image depicts thickened glandular tissue and a decrease in echogenicity of the breast with ill-defined line-structures. (b) ABVS tomogram of the left breast. L AP—left anteroposterior coronal slice. Uniform decrease of echogenicity of the breast parenchyma.

The ultrasound technique is widely used in young women for examination of the breast structure. ABVS opens a new approach to assessment of breast anatomy, with visualization of the whole gland at once allowing analysis of all observed changes in relation to other X-ray and MR modalities and good reproducibility of the corresponding images during follow-up. Normal breast structure varies over time in the same women, during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, after weaning, and during menopause [1– 3].

One can be seen on the border of the upper quadrants (thick arrow) and the second located in the lower-inner quadrant (thin arrow). The nipple is marked by a rectangle. The residual glandular tissue is located in the upper quadrants at the 10–2 o’clock position. In other areas fatty tissue predominates. (c) A side-by-side comparison of the corresponding images of MMG (left part) and ABVS data (right part). MMG clearly shows only one fibroadenoma in the lower area of the breast (thin arrow). Dense glandular tissue with streaking and fibrosis disguises a second larger fibroadenoma.

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