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Download e-book for iPad: Monolithic Materials: Preparation, Properties and by František àvec, Tatiana B. Tennikova and Zdeněk Deyl (Eds.)

Prior to now decade, monolithic fabrics within the form of discs, stacked layers, rolled sheets, sponges, abnormal chunks, tubes, and cylinders have all been effectively proven. those codecs have been ready from a wide selection of fabrics together with average polymers resembling cellulose, artificial polymers that concerned porous styrene-, methacrylate-, and acrylamide-based polymers, and inorganic fabrics, often silica.

Read e-book online A Cup Of Comfort For Mothers To Be: Stories That Celebrate a PDF

A Cup of convenience for moms to Be is a party of a truly outstanding time on your life-the 9 months that make you right into a mom. From pleasure to worry, from morning disease to the 1st kicks, mothers to be similar to you inform their tales during this new addition to the cherished Cup of convenience sequence.

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P. 38. The rite is discussed by Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt and Charles Kuentz, Le Petit Temple d'Abou Simbel, vol. 1 (Cairo, 1968), pp. 181-85. * KING HERIHOR, ATTENDED BY TWO NILE GODS, SAILING THROUGH A PAPYRUS THICKET IN THE PRESENCE OF AMON-RE-KAMUTEF BY AMON-RE-KAMUTEF lAmon-Re-2Kamutef, 'who is upon his Great Pedestal. 4Words spoken: "I have given you all life, stability, and dominion on my part. " 'I ABOVE KING 'Live the Perfect God, with great monuments in the temple of his father, Lord of the Two Lands, High Priest of Amon, Lord of Diadems, Siamon-Herihor, 7the Image of Re before the Two Lands, 'whom Atum has chosen.

BEHIND KING "The King of Upper and [Lower Egypt], Lord of the Two Lands, High Priest [of Amon; the Son of Re], Lord of Diadems, Siamon-Herihor, beloved of Amon-Re, Lord of Heaven. ° Restoring PLATE 46. ). BEHIND KING 'The King, Lord of the Two Lands, Siamon-Herihor, shall maintain a glorious appearance on the throne of Re in the house of his father Khonsu Neferhotep. * For the text and the scene see Kees, Der Opfertanz, chap. 1, and p. 203, n. 3, where this inscription is erroneously reproduced and discussed; cf.

BY FIFTH PRINCE 2The BY King's Bodily Son, "3Amenhiwonemef, justified. SIXTH PRINCE "The King's Bodily Son, "Tekhuy, justified. 5 BY SEVENTH PRINCE "The King's Bodily Son, ' 7 Masahert, justified. ByrEIGHTH PRINCE "sThe King's Bodily Son, '9 Masakcahert, justified. BY NINTH PRINCE 20The BY King's Bodily Son, "Pashedkhons, justified. TENTH PRINCE " The King's Bodily [So]n, 2... nefer, justified. rCom. edu TRANSLATIONS OF THE TEXTS 12 BY ELEVENTH PRINCE 24The King's Bodily Son, 25Amenhikhopeshef, justified.

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